10 Most Amazing facts about Queen Elizabeth II

The British Royal Family announced on 08/09/2022 that they had announced the passing of queen Elizabeth II, aged of 96.

A statement by the Royal Family on Twitter said that the monarch was respected and passed away in peace.

1. She wasn’t born in the palace of a princess.

Though she was the only baby of the Duchess and Duke of York and the future monarchs King George VI as well as queen Elizabeth (the the Queen Mother) -and also the eldest grandchild of King George V The queen Elizabeth II wasn’t born at a royal palace. she was actually born in an old townhouse in London which was home to the Scottish maternal grandparents the Earl and the Countess Strathmore on the 21st April, 1926. 10 Most Amazing facts about Queen Elizabeth II

2. She attended homeschool.

Princess Elizabeth II received her education at home with her sole sister Princess Margaret who was born in the year 1930. The two princesses received their education under the direction of their mother and guide, Marion Crawford. They were taught classes focusing on the history of language as well as literature and music.

3. She was living in Kenya at the time her father passed away.

The Queen Elizabeth II was traveling to Kenya together with her prince Philip at the time she was a child when her dad King George VI passed away in 1952. Philip revealed the news of the death of King George VI to his wife as they were on their own during the trip to Kenya.

4. She was made queen at age 25.

Her father, King George VI passed away aged 56, on the 6th of February 1952 during the time that Elizabeth was in Kenya together with her husband Prince Philip. The queen Elizabeth II was married in Westminster Abbey in central London on June 2, 1953.10 interesting facts about Queen Elizabeth II.

5. She was the head of the seven sovereign Commonwealth nations following her coronation.

The 25-year-old queen Elizabeth II became the queen regent for seven of the independent Commonwealth nations. These were those of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan, and Ceylon (known now in the present as Sri Lanka), as also the head of the Commonwealth.

6. The British monarch was the very first to travel to Ireland. Republic of Ireland

Queen Elizabeth II toured in the Republic of Ireland in 2011 in a highly charged visit, which made her the very only British ruler to visit Ireland since the country gained independence in 1922.

7. She toured all regions of Britain before her diamond Jubilee

Queen Elizabeth II visited every region of Britain in preparation for the celebrations that took place over four days in June to celebrate the Jubilee as other royals were seen throughout the Commonwealth.

8. She was the leader of 54 Commonwealth nations.

The Commonwealth includes 54 nations. the Queen Elizabeth II was Head of these countries prior to her death. Her father King George VI was the very first monarch to be officially designated as the The Head of the Commonwealth.

9. She was the monarch who traveled the most in the history of the world.

The Queen Elizabeth II has the world record of the countries she visited the most by a single monarch. She traveled to around 120 different countries across six continents. Canada is the only country she has traveled to greater than every other country other than that of United Kingdom.

10. The monarch was also the longest serving British monarch

The Queen Elizabeth II’s 70-year reign and 7 months was the longest reign of any British monarch.