10 russia ukraine war facts

10 Most Amazing Russia Ukraine war Facts You Need to Know

  1. I really do want to stay positive. So to end the Twitter feed for tonight: 390 babies were born in Ukraine during these 9 days of war: 199 boys and 191 girls. StandWithUkraine for our future
  2. Facebook was just banned in Russia.
  3. Day 9 of this hell. Putin thought this would be over in ≈ 72 hours, but Ukraine is still standing strong.
  4. It’s a mistake to think that NATO support to Ukraine would be a provocation for Putin. He is provoked by the weakness, not by strength. There was no objective reason for Russia to invade Ukraine. Putin did it because he knew he would get away with it. Next move: attack on NATO
  5. City of Gostomel was retaken by Ukrainian forces. The Russian Army left the dead to rot for days, not even having the respect to recover the bodies and the wounded. Young soldiers die because of a dictator.
  6. Łódź, Poland. Nearly 1.5 thousand. people demonstrated in the evening their support for Ukraine, which was fighting against the Russian invasion. The 300-meter-high blue-and-yellow national flag of the country, was carried. We are with Ukraine, said the inhabitants of Łódź.

10 russia ukraine war facts

7.US is responsible for starting Wars all over the world, they starts the wars unprovoked because they want to get resources from as many third world countries as they can. They have caused much more damage and deaths in Syria and Iraq and Russia has in Ukraine.

8.10,000’s of Serbs rallied in support of Putin and Russia. This is the biggest Pro-Russia rally in the world against NATO’s unnecessary expansion. Only the Serbs know how their country was bombarded n destroyed by NATO.

9.Yesterday, Russian cruise missile struck the territory of the Babyn Yar memorial complex in Kyiv, killing five civilians. During the Holocaust, Nazis murdered more than 100,000 Jews in Babyn Yar. Nowadays, barbaric Russia is again murdering innocent people at the very same place.

10.Remarkable Ukrainian scientist & inventor Vasyl Karazin was born 249 years ago on this day in Kharkiv region. As a champion of popular education, Karazin established the first university in the east of Ukraine in Kharkiv in 1805, now among Ukraine’s best.

10 russia ukraine war facts


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