10 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About ‘Spider-Man 3’


The film trilogy is a well-known idea. We could probably blame Star Wars for this. After the huge success of the two previous Spider-Man films, both produced by Sam Raimi, a third was inevitable. Many think that Spider-Man 2 the greatest superhero film ever made. Spider-Man 3, however has been an extremely controversial. What’s the story? These 20 facts could help provide some insight into Spider-Man 3..spiderman 3 facts,

1.This team had been locked up in the beginning

Prior to when Spider-Man 2 had even released, Spider-Man 3 was made public. Before the film was even made the launch date of the 3rd film was announced , too. Alvin Sargent, an Oscar-winning screenwriter signed a seven-film deal with Sony. Yes, seven. Sargent also wrote Spider-Man 2, and Sony was looking to imprison him.

2.Sandman was the idea of Raimi.

In the process of deciding on the villains to be the villains for Spider-Man 3, Raimi was aware that he wanted to return Harry Osborn, son of Green Goblin Norman Osborn, to complete the story. Also, he wanted include Sandman as the villain to Spider-Man to fight because Raimi even though he wasn’t visually fascinating. this is one of spiderman 3 facts.

3.Raimi modified his take on the Sandman character from comics

Do you know that in the Batman comics there is a random criminal named Joe Chill kills Bruce Wayne’s parents? However, in Tim Burton’s Batman the team put it in the prior to Joker Jack Napier? Spider-Man 3 did similar things to Sandman. In comics, he’s just a small-time criminal who transforms into the man made of Sand. In Spider-Man 3.0 However, Raimi decided he wanted Flint Marko, a.k.a. Sandman as the one to kill Uncle Ben.

4.Raimi was not the only baddie in his the back of his mind, too.

Alongside Harry Osborn and Sandman, Raimi was looking for a third villain to add to the mix. Namely, Vulture. The director even went as in the direction of talking with Ben Kingsley about playing the Vulture however, the character was removed.

5.A new villain has been added to the mix at the request of the studio

Avi Arad, who was a producer for The Spider-Manfilms was adamantly wanted Venom to appear in the film. Venom was a cult contemporary Spider-Man antagonist. Arad was of the opinion that Raimi was too committed to the villains he admired and desired a more mainstream selection. The director resisted, but he did include Venom to placate Arad. this is one of spiderman 3 facts.

6.The producers added a new dimension to the mix, too.

Mary Jane had been around and was played by Kirsten Dunst throughout the duration of the movie series. But the producers requested an additional Peter Parker love interest, Gwen Stacy, added to the film. This time, Raimi listened to his producers and Stacy was added to the film as a possible love potential love interest. this is one of spiderman 3 facts.

7.Thomas Haden Church was having an experience

Church was an actor in character, possibly most famous for his role on the show Wings. He was then suddenly informed that Church was announced as an Oscar nomination to be nominated for the film Sideways. Following “Sideways”, Church was offered the part as Sandman. Even though the story was not yet complete, Church agreed to sign to play the role.

8.The film was a little rough for Topher Grace

Grace who was a huge lover of Venom since she read comics when she was a child, was delighted to be given the part in the character of Eddie Brock, a.k.a. Venom. The film was, however, an extremely difficult shooting experience for Grace. He was a bit uncomfortable in the Venom suit uncomfortable to wear. It took him an hour to put on the costume and another it took him four hours to put on prosthetics to portray Venom. In addition the fake fangs that his costume was able to cause bruising his gums.

9.Bryce Dallas Howard was acting for two

Howard was chosen as Gwen Stacy. The choice was interesting since they stuck to Stacy’s blonde hairstyles in the comics as well as Howard is well-known as like her father Ron -also being a redhead. The actress was able to pull off a few actions herself, however, in hindsight, she would not have. It was not known to Howard during the filming she was pregnant when shooting Spider-Man 3.. this is one of spiderman 3 facts.

10.It was the last part for one actor.

Cliff Robertson, an Oscar winner was the actor who was the Oscar-winning Uncle Ben as Uncle Ben in Spider-Man. He reprised the part for Spider-Man 3.in an unrelated flashback, obviously. This was Robertson’s final character. Robertson would then retire and not reprise his role until his death in 2011.