25 strange facts about the world

The 25 Most Interesting Facts Most People Don’t Know


We are going to look at a series of 25 strange facts about the world unknown to most friends in this world. Do you know why there are so many women on the plane we see in the first place? Do you know what toilets look like in old castles? Do you know how they use the toilets? Follow us and share it with your friends and relatives to find out more about the new planets that scientists have discovered and their interesting facts.

25 Most Interesting Facts

  1. Indigo Airlines only recruits female cabin crew as females are 15-20 kg lighter on average than men. this helps indigo to save on fuel costs.25 strange facts about the world
  2. This massive monument in Georgia has instructions in 8 different languages on how to rebuild society after an apocalyptic event. This is one of the strange facts in the world.
  3. Mathematicians have concluded that it’s statistically impossible or vampires to exist because they would decimate the human population within three years.
  4. Medieval Toilets in Castles

25 strange facts about the world

5. North Korean generals wear the medals of their fathers and grandfathers.This is one of the 25 strangest facts about the world.

6. The longest movie of all time is the 2012 experimental documentary Longistics which clocks in at a whopping 857 hours (35 days and 17 hrs)

7. Drone discovers a mysterious cave lined with 1800 years old coffins.25 strange facts about the world

8. In 1977, we received a radio signal from space that lasted 72 seconds, and to this day, we still don’t know where it came from.

9. If you put some viagra in a vase, it will make flowers stand up straight for a week beyond when they would normally wilt.

10. India to start 30% tax on crypto earnings starting April 1.

11. Did you know? Drinking one glass of lukewarm water just after waking up increases immunity, blood flow and gives you glowing skin.

12. Over 40% of the US Hotel business is owned by Gujaratis and 70% have the last name ”Patel”.This is one of the 25 strange facts about the world.

13. A restaurant in Malaysia has a discounts system depending on your body size.

14. There is a mall in China that offers ‘Husband storage” where wives can leave their husbands while they shop.

15. Sudan has more pyramids than any country in the world.

16. Did you know? Tesla, SpaceX Facing significant inflation pressure in raw materials and logistics: Elon Musk

17. Exercising twice a week can sharpen your memory and lower your risk of dementia.

18. The oldest bottle of wine was found in a Roman tomb that is over 1650 years old.

19. Did you know? Meditation is such a powerful technique that after only 8 weeks, the brain’s structure changes.

20. Scientists believe there is a ninth planet in our solar planet system that is roughly 10 times larger than earth.

21. Spending a lot of time outside can lower blood pressure, improves sleep, and can even improve your eyesight.

22. Currently Cristiano Ronaldo earns $1.6 million per post on his Instagram account.

23. More than 70,000 people in japan are 100 years old. 88% of them are women.

24. Did you know? Ancient treadmills 1818 were created to punish English prisoners which became exercise equipment later. This is one of the 25 strange facts about the world.

25. Did you know? What was your age when you realized that Lifebuoy and Lux soaps are from the same company?


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