This 05 Zodiac Sign Is the Best Shoulder to Cry on, Astrologers Say


Sometimes, after a hard day at work, an unexpected breakup, or a hard conversation with a family member, the only solution is to work on a friend’s shoulder. If you have been in the same circle of friends for a while, you know who to approach in these moments of need. Often, they are excellent listeners, easy to talk to, and caring about. But have you ever stopped considering their astrology? May be common to these wonderful friends too. Read on to find out the six zodiac signs that are the best shoulders to cry from a little support to the most sympathetic.zodiac sign cry news.

1. Cancer

According to our astrological team, cancers make better shoulders for crying. This emotional, nurturing, and compassionate identity truly cares about the concerns of its friends – and will do anything to make them feel better. “Cancerians are loving, affectionate, passionate, and accepting,” says Honeyman. “They will be very interested in your side. They will take your problem to the heart and realize all the feelings you have for yourself. Soon it will be a soap-fest for both of you.”

Honeyman points out that you do not need to feel guilty for dragging your cancer friend’s mood. On the contrary, this zodiac sign wants a good emotional output.

2. Pisces

Do you have a friend who is not in the rankings of empathy? They are probably Pisces. Trainer and astrologer Linda Perry says, “These people can really take the feelings of those they share with them. In fact, most experts consider this symptom to be very sympathetic.”

3. Taurus

Tell me if there are Taurus zodiac signs in your house. If you want to express everything to someone who does not deeply understand their feelings for you, turn to your Taurus friend. This patient, the intelligent sign will give you the space you need to ventilate. “Dorians are a little isolated, so they do not create everything about themselves,” says psychiatrist and astrologer Inbal Honeyman. “Although they are not particularly emotional, you can express yourself undecided.”

4. Leo

Your Leo friend can be brave, active and enthusiastic. But if you occasionally turn to them when needed, they may surprise you with their caring and thoughtful advice. “Leo zodiac signs carry more than their average compassion in their nature,” says Rose. “Together with their natural leadership, Leos offers excellent advice to anyone in distress.” Leo zodiac signs have a sunny and active personality so it is difficult not to feel good after talking to them.

5. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is known for energy, spontaneity, and intelligence. And according to astrologers, this fire sign makes a good shoulder to cry on. “Sagittarians have the energy to be confident and happy, and it’s hard to be discouraged when you’ve been in their company,” says Laura Layes, a certified astrologer and creator of the astrological community Astro Hans. “They’re the kind of friends who wipe you out on a spontaneous trip to Polly. It’s not really a problem to turn that face upside down – but, hey, this is a free ride for Polly.”

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