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5G Network Airlines :5G service will be available at US airports from today

The first 5G internet is introduced today

In fact, 5g network airlines service will be available at US airports from today, Wednesday. Ten airlines have written to the White House asking it to suspend release. With these warnings, US companies AT&T and Verizon have already postponed releases several times, according to reports, now with the release of 5G. This will affect Air India flights and many Air India flights will be canceled. However, the timing of many flights has changed. Air India has announced the cancellation of flights. emirates 5g.

The risk is high on many flights

According to the report, with the exception of Air India, Emirates currently has several of its flights suspended. Apart from these two, all Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines have canceled or suspended several flights to the United States. Air India announced on its Twitter page that four flights had been canceled.

Why flights are canceled

In fact, a new C-band 5G service has been introduced in the United States, and due to this new technology, many aircraft will no longer be fully functional, meaning they will become useless. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the US aviation regulator, has already warned of this and said that due to the 5G Internet, the aircraft’s radio altimeter will have a severe impact on the engine and braking system. In such a situation, the biggest fear is that the plane will not stop on the runway when it lands. This means that if the plane does not stop on the runway, a major accident can occur, which is why many airlines have begun to cancel flights to the United States.

10 U.S. airlines warned

A warning letter has been issued by the CEOs of 10 major airlines in the United States, including Cargo Airlines, stating that the plane will crash within 36 hours of the launch of the 5G service. . We tell you that AT&T and Verizon will soon be launching 5G services in the United States and that the airline industry has been severely warned by airlines ahead of time. Reuters reports that 10 airlines, including American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, and Southwest Airlines, have written warning letters. Do not allow to start.

How far is the danger?

Airlines claim that they have no problem with 5G networks and that 5G networks can be used anywhere, but there should be no 5G internet networks within 2 miles of the runway. At the same time, with the exception of Air India, which operates United Airlines and American Airlines flights between India and the United States, the buzz on the 5G network in the United States directly affects India. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued a warning stating that due to 5G, many important airlines’ critical equipment has been affected, making it difficult for the pilot to control the aircraft. , In low light areas, there will be many problems in landing the aircraft in those areas.

Very dangerous effect

United Airlines has said the US government’s current 5G internet program could have a devastating impact on the aviation industry. At least 1.2 million passengers will be immediately affected and about 15,000 flights will be affected, United Airlines said. This will lead to delays in the delivery of essential and emergency items due to the cancellation of cargo flights. The airline made it clear that the pilot was unable to land the plane safely due to the 5G network in bad weather, which was the biggest problem.5g network airlines.