Artificial Intelligence (AI) Editing Apps Now Dominate the Apple Charts

Artificial Intelligence (AI) apps for photo editing have taken over apple’s App store charts across the U.S. Following the success of Lensa AI The Best AI Editor for 2023.

App for editing photos Lensa has seen a surge in popularity over the past week, following it’s “Magic Avatars” AI selfie generator has taken over social media.

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According to TechCrunch the surge of curiosity in Lensa and AI applications for editing photos generally has pushed other AI apps onto the U.S. App Store’s Top Charts.Can u Use This App. 

On Tuesday Three of the four top apps in the Apple App Store rankings across the U.S. are held by AI photo editors. Additionally, there are many more AI art apps appearing on the Top 100.

Lensa keeps holding on to the top position in the U.S. App Store.

TechCrunch states that Lensa experienced 12.6 million downloads across the globe during the 11 first days of December. This is which is an increase of 600% over that 1.8 million downloads that it received between November 20 and November 30, as per the digital analytics platform Sensor Tower..

But Lensa’s success has clearly influenced on App Stores charts, and has fueled consumers to demand AI applications for editing photos -which has led to Dawn AI Avatars ranking in third position and AI Art AI Photo Generator ranking fourth.

AI Art has seen around 1.7 million installations across the globe from December 1 and December 11 which is up 229% over the 71,000 that it received from November 20 to 30.

As per Sensor Tower, Dawn also received about 1.7 million installations in addition to the 28,000 it received in the end of November frame.

However, Wonder — AI Art Generator ranks at 13th place in the Apple App Charts for Stores in the U.S. Wonder has reportedly received four million downloads across the globe through December so far in comparison to the 469,000 installations it had in the last 10 days of November.

A Prequel Aesthetic AI Editor that has grown to be one of the Generation Z’s top photo editing apps and takes the number 23 position.

Prequel was downloaded 950,700 times this month, up from the 360,000 downloads it received at the end of last month.

This year’s U.S. App Store’s Top 50 Chart also features the brand new app Voi AI Avatar App by Wonder at the 35th spot on the list. It was launched on the 7th of December, Voi has already gained 785,515 installs, of which 241,000 are U.S. Based.

A different AI application, Meitu — Photo Editor and AI Art which is at the number 60 on the U.S. App Store after having racked up 6.4 million downloads in December thus far, an increase from 1.1 million downloaded during November 20-30.