Best Cell Phone Coverage in My Area

best cell phone coverage in my area


When looking at who has the best cell phone coverage in my area, Verizon has the most nationwide coverage, while AT & T and T-Mobile are neck and neck, and Sprint lags far behind to come last. The group of four major cell phone providers in the United States is known as the “Big Four,” and includes Verizon, T-Mobile, AT & T, and Sprint.

Best Cell Phone coverage in my area

Verizon’s 4G LTE network has the best coverage, with 70% nationwide coverage, followed by AT & T (68%), T-Mobile (62%), and Sprint 30%. Due to Verizon’s strong network coverage, Let’s Talk ranks Verizon as the winner, with beach-to-beach coverage.

Best network coverage in world

We looked at which cell phone coverage is best in my area. Check out the network that provides network 4G service worldwide. Verizon offers 70% of 4G service nationwide. 1. When using Verizon’s network, users report 95.9% of the time getting 4G coverage. The only pockets in America that you have to worry about are the more rural areas in the Southwest, Midwest, and Northwest. If you live near large cities in those areas, expect super reliable coverage.

Best 5G coverage in USA

1.T-Mobile: 36.7% 5G coverage

2.AT&T: 15.9%

3.Verizon: 10.9%

Best 4G coverage In USA

1.Verizon: 70% 4G coverage

2.AT&T: 68% 4G coverage

3.T-Mobile: 62% 4G coverage

Most reliable network in USA

1.Verizon wins for overall network performance by RootMetrics, the nation’s most rigorous and scientific network tester.

2.This is Verizon’s 16th consecutive RootMetrics win for overall network performance and network reliability.

3.Network reliability is the most important factor for consumers in their phone, mobile plan, and carrier decisions

How do I determine which network is the best in my area?

Tiktik network app

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Maximum 4G speed in my area

The best and fastest network in the United States, the Verizon 4G LTE Wireless Broadband, is 10 times faster than 3G, at 5 to 12 Mbps (megabits per second), and the maximum download speed is up to 50 Mbps.

Maximum 5G speed in my area

5G speed tops out at 10 gigabits per second (Gbps). 5G is 10 to x100 faster than what you can get with 4G. AT&T now has a nationwide 5G network, enhanced by mm Wave coverage (called AT&T 5G Plus) in about three dozen cities. At its peak, we saw download speeds of over 1 Gbps from Verizon in Chicago and 900 Mbps from AT&T’s 5G Plus network in Las Vegas.

The Best 5G Phones In USA

1.Apple iPhone 12 Pro: Best Overall

2.Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: Best 5G camera phone

3.LG V60 ThinQ 5G: Best 5G phone for gaming

4.Google Pixel 5: Best value 5G phone

5.Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G: Best foldable 5G phone

The Best 4G Phones In USA

1.Apple iPhone 12

2.One Plus 9 pro




T-Mobile’s 5G Coverage Map

best cell phone coverage in my area,T-Mobile’s 5G Coverage Map
T-Mobile’s 5G Coverage Map

T-Mobile 5G currently covers 41.35% of the country, which is even higher than AT&T’s second-place 5G network. T-Mobile’s 5G coverage map shows networks providing full 5G coverage and 9,156 zip codes for 3,888 cities. T-Mobile 5G only partially covers cities and zip codes.

 AT&T’s 5G Coverage Map

best cell phone coverage in my area, AT&T’s 5G Coverage Map
AT&T’s 5G Coverage Map

It was used as an AT&T runner-up, and its 4G LTE network has lagged behind Verizon for many years. However, its 5G network has much more to offer to cover T-Mobile’s number one, covering only 18.11% of the country. Although that number translates to a relatively blank coverage map, the AT&T 5G network is actually accessible to more than 200 million people and fully covers 1,700 cities and 7,850 zip codes. Keep in mind that the majority of the American population lives on less than 4% of the country’s land area. For this reason, AT&T meets the FCC’s limit for 5G nationwide.

 Verizon 5G Coverage Map


Verizon once had some coverage in 22 cities, but after the recent switch to low-band 5G, Verizon now has coverage in 1,800 cities. This brings Verizon’s 5G coverage to 11.08% of the country and makes Verizon 5G available to more than 200 million people, enough to gain nationwide status.

Highest internet speed in world

Singapore has one of the highest internet speeds in the world. Internet users in Singapore reach an average speed of  72.74 Mbps, which is second only to Hong Kong at an average speed of 50.96 Mbps.

5G network countries List below

The GSM Association predicts that 5G networks will have more than 1.7 billion subscribers worldwide by 2025.

Rank Countries 4G Network Speed


5G Network Speed



1 South Korea 40.18 382.98
2 Austria 29.68 100.83
3 Netherlands 28.94 74.89
4 Denmark 24.85 99.85
5 Switzerland 23.57 78.93
6 Australia 20.54 114.75
7 Germany 19.59 93.58
8 Japan 18.48 86.49
9 France 17.39 86.49
10 Italy 17.38 45.67



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