Best Hikes in Switzerland

The 10 Best Fascinating Hikes in Switzerland

Hi everybody. I hope you’re doing well. Consider whether you have ever been to a high place in Switzerland. I’m going to see 10 Best Hikes in Switzerland the market that is beautiful to look at and stunning in this world These 10 places are stunning to look at in yours too. More than one lakh tourists visit here every year. If you want to go to these ten places it will cost around 20 thousand to 90 thousand in Indian value. Get ready immediately if you and your people want to go here.

1. Zermatt

The Zermatt is famous for its amazing long ski runs, terrain for all skill levels, but it also offers outdoor sports for other seasons. There is a mountain trail for cyclists from Winkelmatten to Furi, and the Zermatt Alpin Center offers year-round expert guides.

Zermatt is a municipality in Wis்w County, Switzerland, in the German-speaking part of the Valais region. It has a population of about 5,800 throughout the year and is classified as a city by the Swiss Federal Bureau of Statistics (FSO).

It is located at the base of the highest peaks in Switzerland at an altitude of 1,620 m (5,310 ft) at the top of the Material. It is located approximately 10 km (6.2 mi) from the 3,292 m (10,801 ft) high Theodol Pass on the Italian border. Germany is a commune south of the German Sperm.10 Best Hikes in Switzerland.

Germany is famous as a hiking and ski resort in the Swiss Alps. Until the middle of the 19th century, it was mainly an agrarian community; The first and tragic ascent of the Matterhorn in 1865 led to the creation of several tourist facilities following an emergency in the mountains surrounding the village. The population for the whole year (as of December 2020) is 5,820, however, Zermatt may have multiple tourists at any one time.

2. Grindelwald

Grindelwald is one of the most beautiful mountain villages in Switzerland and a popular tourist destination for travelers from all over the world. Grindelwald is a village and municipality in the Interlegan-Oberhausley administrative district in the state of Bern in Switzerland. In addition to the village of Krindelwald, the municipality also houses the settlements of Albiglen, Berglaunen, Grund, Idramen, Muhlebak, Swendy, Shinkelberg and Varkistel. Bernice in Switzerland I spent some time on my itinerary on the Grindelwald in Oberland and the surrounding villages. Go there.

I had high expectations, and Grindelwald not only met my expectations in many ways but also went beyond that. I will provide some background and useful tips about Grindelwald. What made Grindlewall such a great travel destination? Its secret is the immense diversity of the landscape, the majestic mountains that provide the backdrop of the glacial village. The most important mountain in this unique alpine landscape is definitely the famous Eiger with the northern face Eiger.

But the diversity of entertainment in the midst of unpolluted nature also makes Grindelwald an attractive travel destination in Switzerland. In winter, the surrounding mountains first invite you to ski down the slopes or down the Manlichen and Klein Sketch. In summer, these slopes turn into beautiful lush meadows where cows graze all day. The sound of cowbells accompanied me throughout my walks on and around Kindlewald.


Tourism has a long tradition in this part of Switzerland, and there are initial efforts to make the mountains more accessible to visitors. In 1908, the Wetherhorn Lift was one of the world’s first cable cars but ceased operation due to World War I. Both the Lower Grindelwald Glacier and the Upper Grindelwald Glacier are located in the Grindelwald area and I could see them well from the balcony of the salad where I stayed. Until the late 19th century, they reached the village of Grindelwald.

You can get to Grindelwald by car and train. It takes about 45 minutes to drive from Interlaken. There is also a very convenient train connection to Interlaken via the Bernice Oberland Railway.

Alternatively, take the Wengernalpbahn Kleine Scheidegg to Wengen and Lauterbrunnen, from where you can take the Interlaken train.

If you plan to visit Jungfraujoch, you can take the train from Grindelwald to Kleine Scheidegg, and from there take the Jungfraujoch to Jungfraujoch via Eiger. Once you get to Grindelwald, everything will be within walking distance. But there is also better bus transport infrastructure. Note that the bus service will stop sometimes in the evening.

If your accommodation is a bit high, you should walk there in the evening if you do not have a car. Taxis are certainly available, but they are expensive everywhere in Switzerland. Speaking of accommodation, Grindelwald has a lot of hotels, vacation apartments, and rooms.

They are not cheap, especially during the high season months of winter and summer. There may be a youth hostel and two camps at a low price but I have not visited them, so can not give further details. What were my first posts about Grindelwald? I found postcards and Instagram motives everywhere I looked. The village itself is very clean and offers all the infrastructure that travelers want.

Accommodation is plentiful and many wooden rooms invite you to a great Swiss experience. The mountains are spectacular and I loved hiking around.10 Best Hikes in Switzerland.

Now, these all come at a price. Transportation, accommodation, and food are very expensive for international travelers who do not earn their living in Swiss Francs. I was mentally prepared for the insane prices before my trip and was not shocked when I had to pay for cable car tickets and groceries.

I am posting a separate video about managing and saving costs while traveling in Switzerland, check it out. I found the local people everywhere very helpful and friendly. It was very accessible and helpful, especially on public transport such as staff and buses at train stations.

3. Lauterbrunnen

Alpine Village of Lauterbrunnen. The village is also home to the world-famous Staubach Falls, the tallest waterfall in Switzerland. On the way, I will show you the background of the Lauterbrunnen Valley. Lauterbrunnen Valley is arguably the most beautiful valley in Switzerland and throughout Europe.

You may have seen pictures of this UNESCO World Heritage Site on Instagram and elsewhere, and it will actually look even more beautiful.

It is located in the Bernese Hills, one of the most impressive landscapes in the Swiss Alps. It is about 70 km or 44 miles from the Swiss capital Bern. Lauterbrunnen is located in the center of a deep valley that is famous for its majestic vertical cliffs and majestic rock faces.

It offers spectacular views of the snow-capped mountain peaks of the Jungfrau region. The scenery across the lush valley with its lush trees and wildflowers is simply breathtaking. With more than 70 waterfalls, the Lauterbrunnen Valley is one of Switzerland’s largest natural reserves.

The valley consists of six villages, all of which deserve to be seen in their own right: Lauterbrunnen, Wengen, Stechelberg, Gimmelwald, Mürren, and Isenfluh.It is also one of the Best Hikes in Switzerland.


We will take a walk through the village of Lauterbrunnen leading to the famous Staubbach Falls. They come down from a cliff about a thousand feet high, about 300 meters behind the village.

The village of Lauterbrunnen is not very extensive and does not take more than an hour to explore the small crowd of streets. Souvenirs on the streets include a restaurant bed and breakfasts, rooms and hotels and sports good shops, cafes.

Especially on a sunny day, before you decide to go to the mountains, this makes for a nice walk. For example, you can take the cable car up to Grutshall to take the train from there to Murran.

The name Lauterbrunnen is derived from the German words loud and springs.

They describe the many thunderous waterfalls that pour into the valley. Lauterbrunnen Valley with its lush meadows, many spectacular cliffs, and thunderous waterfalls

Inspired by J.R.R. The Fog Mountains of The Hobbit after Tolkien came here in 1911. In 1969, part of the classic James Bond film “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” was also filmed in Lotterbron.

The car chase scene and Blowfeldin’s headquarters are on Shildon Hill, which houses the Biz Gloria James Bond Museum. The Weiss Lutzine River flows through Lauterbrunen.

The source of the river is the melting of snow in the mountains, making it a source of very clean and pure water.

Cable cars were added to the Murran and Vengan in 1891 and 1893, respectively. Built-in 1912, the Jungfrau Railway is one of the most remarkable and impressive transport infrastructures.

The Jungfrau train runs 9 kilometers, about 5.6 miles from Klein Sketch. You can go to the tallest train station in Europe in Jungfrau. Best Hikes in Switzerland.

Today, Lotterbrunen is a great starting point for travelers to the valley and the surrounding mountain villages. They offer winter sports during the winter months and exciting hiking trails in the summer.It is also one of the Best Hikes in Switzerland.

Lauterbrunnen is also a great place for paragliding and skydiving. You can book trips for tandem jumps in the village.  The Lauterbrunnen train station in the center of Lauterbrunnen village is served by Berner Oberlandbahn trains that run up to Interlaken.

It also connects the Wenkernelp Pan train to Wengen, Klein Sheetech and Grindelwald. On the Clean Skeet, you can connect with Jungfrabon, who climbs to Jungfraujoc inside Mount Eiger.

Bergbahn Lauterbrunnen – Terminal under Mürren, cable car to Grütschalp, near main station. The cable car connection train to Mürren is a small beautiful mountain village that cannot be reached by car. Post bus services Lauterbrunnen village Stechelberg, Trümmelbac

 4. Engadin

The Engadin is a long, high-altitude alpine valley in the eastern Swiss Alps in the eastern Swiss province of Grabanten. It follows the route of the inn from its headwaters in the southwestern Maloza Pass, running approximately northeast, flowing into Austria, which is less than a hundred kilometers. The En / Inn then flows into the Danube at Pasha, becoming the only Swiss river to merge with the Black Sea. Engadine is protected by high mountain ranges on all sides and is famous for its sunny climate, beautiful scenery, and outdoor activities. Best Hikes in Switzerland.

5. Interlaken

The average cost of a 7-day trip to Interlaken is $ 1,748 per individual passenger, $ 3,139 per couple, and $ 5,886 for a family of 4. Interlaken hotels range from $ 55 to $ 332 on average $ 155 per night, with most vacation rentals ranging from $ 200 to $ 540 per night for the entire house. The city is located on a flat alluvial plateau called Bodeli, between two lakes, the Brians on the east and the Tun on the west, on the banks of the Aare River, which flows between them. Transportation routes east and west near the lakes are complemented by a path into the mountain resorts and high mountains to the south, e.g. Following Lütschine is the famous high alpine peaks of Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau. It is also one of the Best Hikes in Switzerland.

6. Aletsch Glacier

Incredibly enormous, incredibly beautiful: the Great Alchemy is the strongest ice flow in the Alps. And very popular because it is easily accessible and ideal for extensive hikes, winter games, and specialized nature excursions. The Aletsch area is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Aletsch Glacier is the largest glacier in the Alps. It covers an area of ​​about 23 km (14 miles) (2014), 15.4 km 3 (3.7 மை miles) (2011), and about 81.7 km 2 (31.5 sq mi) (2011). The eastern Bernice Alps are located in the Swiss Valley region. The Aletsch Glacier is made up of four small glaciers that converge at Concordia Place, with ETH being measured to be approximately 1 km (3,300 ft) closer. [citation needed] . Aletsch Glacier – like most glaciers in the world today – is a retreating glacier. As of 2016, it had lost 1.3 kilometers (0.81 miles) in length since 1980, 3.2 kilometers (2.0 miles) since 1870, and lost more than 300 meters (980 feet) in thickness. Best Hikes in Switzerland.

7. Engelberg

Best Hikes in Switzerland Engelberg is a large mountain hotel in central Switzerland. In the Middle Ages, Engelberg was known for the educational quality of its Benedictine monastery, Engelberg Abbey. Engelberg has been known internationally as a mountain resort since the 19th century, but today it is as much visited for skiing as it is for its alpine nature. With a combination of modern snow and sports facilities and an alpine location, Engelberg is popular today for summer and winter tourism. The nearest large city is Lucerne.It is also one of the Best Hikes in Switzerland.

8. Saas-Fee

Sass-Fee is a major village in the Chastel or Sass Valley and is a municipality in the district of Whispe in the province of Valais in Switzerland. The village is located on a high plateau at an altitude of 1,800 m (5,900 ft), surrounded by 13 peaks of 4,000 m (13,123 ft), the highest in the Alps. . It is a classic ski resort characterized by well-preserved Swiss wooden architecture and a car-free downtown center. Its surrounding villages are Sass-Almagel, Sass-Grund and Sass-Balen. It is also one of the Best Hikes in Switzerland.

9. Kandersteg

Sass-Fee is a major village in the Chastel or Sass Valley and is a municipality in the district of Whispe in the province of Valais in Switzerland. The village is located on a high plateau at an altitude of 1,800 m (5,900 ft), surrounded by 13 peaks of 4,000 m (13,123 ft), the highest in the Alps. . It is a classic ski resort characterized by well-preserved Swiss wooden architecture and a car-free downtown center. Its surrounding villages are Sass-Almagel, Sass-Grund and Sass-Balen.It is also one of the Best Hikes in Switzerland.

10. Adelboden

Adelboden is a traditional Swiss mountain village, located on the terrace facing south of the Engstligen Falls. Part of the village is the valleys of Gilbaugh, Stieckelschwand, Botan, Hirschsprnd and Assershwand. The church and main road are at an elevation of 1,350 m (4,430 ft), the highest point in the region being Crossstrobel at 3,242 m (10,636 ft), and the lowest point at 1,045 m (3,428 ft) in the Engstligen Valley. It is also one of the Best Hikes in Switzerland.

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