Dubai Introduces Future Museum – To Live In 2071


Dubai’s penchant for housing some of the world’s most magnificent creations is no secret. Beautiful buildings and jaw-dropping structures with breath-taking designs have helped the UAE capital build a solid foundation for its identity as one of the top tourist destinations throughout the globe.

On the palindrome on February 22, 2022, Dubai unveiled the Museum of the Future with its magnificent architectural marvels – a lasting tribute to science and technology that allow visitors to experience life in depth. The future. It will feature some of the world’s most technologically advanced technologies, ideas, and innovative products.

The Museum of The Future 

The spectacular structure of the Museum of The Future is perhaps one of the most complex and complicated designs ever created and willed into solid reality in the history of architecture. So much so that His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, has already touted it as ‘the most beautiful building in the world’ to give a tribute to its marvelous design.

Talking more about the structure, the museum has an elliptical shape, which calls for different symbolic interpretations. Some say that the elliptical shape represents humanity and that the vacuum represents the unknown future.

Some astounding facts

The Museum of The Future has taken six years to build by designer John Killa of Killa Designs. Although its shape is what attracts any on-looker at first glance, that’s not the only marvelous thing this architecture can boast of.

In the beginning, the round design meant that the museum did not have columns across its seven floors. The stainless steel exterior of the building is made up of 1024 panels representing 1024 bytes per kilobyte. That’s what we can guess is a constant tribute to technology!

Every panel of this museum is covered with Arabic quotes. One of these quotes says – ‘The future belongs to those who can imagine, design, and implement it.’ The Arabic language sculptures throughout the building make this museum one of the largest cultural monuments in the United Arab Emirates.

Floor 01:Future heroes

This level is dedicated specifically to children, pretty much as the name suggests. Here, children can enjoy three experiences viz., Imagine, Design, and Build. The learn-and-play activities in these experiences are designed to help children develop effective communication and nurture their creativity.

Floor 02:Tomorrow Today

On this level, you can view the latest advancements and developments in the fields of science and technology by exploring various products developed by companies all over the world.

Some of the most attractive items in this exhibition space include Bionic Soft Hand, Bionic Ants, Hexa, Gravity Jet Suit, and much more. While you’re exploring this space, don’t forget to take a look at Cyber Dog – a flying taxi!

Floor 03:Al Waha | Wellness Center

Technology has always shouldered major blame for forcing humans to disconnect with each other due to the increase in the usage of certain devices. Al Waha is a wellness center designed to help you reconnect with yourself by distancing yourself from technology.

 Floor 04:OSS Hope

The OSS Hope is by far the most exciting part of the Museum of The Future, given the immersive space travel experience it offers. Once you visit this NASA-approved model of a space station, it’s synonymous with traveling 600 km above the earth. Visitors can explore space and learn more about it from Pioneers – the people who stay and work at this place.

More than a museum

As you can tell, The Museum of The Future is not just like another museum, and it is indeed one of a kind in every way imaginable.

In addition to showcasing some of the best technologies in the world, the museum also serves as an investment fund for young scientists and technology enthusiasts to carry out their experiments in the fields of mathematics, science, physics and technology.

In short, the future museum is a great tribute to science, technology and engineering – the architecture and the vision that aims to nurture it in the years to come. You can book your tickets here and visit this amazing science monument and enjoy all the amazing experiences in it!

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