15 Surprising Facts About the Book of Enoch You Need To Know

Facts About the Book of Enoch

In The Book Of Enoch, we read about Enoch who was the father to Methuselah (the oldest of the people found in the Bible who lived for 969 years).15 This is one of the Facts About the Book of Enoch.

According to Jewish custom, Enoch was the great-grandfather of Noah who was walking with God.15 This is one of the Facts About the Book of Enoch.

“And Enoch walked with God but he did not; because God took his place.” Genesis 5:24. Genesis 5:24

Enoch is the name given to him by Cain and Ramona and was the leader of the Nodites. Additionally, he was the seventh generation descendant of Adam as well as Eve from the Bible.

Enoch the seventh patriarch of the Bible book Genesis The seventh patriarch of Genesis was the subject of numerous Apocryphal writing, particularly throughout the Hellenistic period of Judaism (3rd century BC up to the 3rd century AD). While initially revered for only his religious piety, however, later he was believed to be the keeper of knowledge hidden from God. 

This image of Enoch as a visionary was inspired by the Babylonian mythology of the 7th antediluvian King, Enmenduranna who was connected with God the sun goddess and was the recipient of divine revelations. The tale of Enoch illustrates many of the features in Babylonian mythology.15 This is one of the Facts About the Book of Enoch.

1. The 1st Book of Enoch

#1 It is believed that the 1st Book of Enoch was discovered in Abyssinia in 1773 by a Scottish explorationist known as James Bruce. The book is an ancient text found in the Ethiopic Bible which is typically in 3100 BC as well as the 1st century AD.

#2 It was believed to be sacred by the early followers of Christ However, it was omitted from the Bible, and was lost for many centuries before it was found in 1773. In 1821 the text was translated into English by Richard Laurence and published in several editions.

#3 The book 1 of Enoch is divided into five parts in the following order:

#4 Book of the Watchers (1-36) – the first portion of the book focused on “The Watchers,” a group of “angels” sent to earth to guard the human race. 15 This is one of the Facts About the Book of Enoch.200 of these angels have committed transgressions by having sex with humans, which led to the creation of an alien race known as the Nephilim.

“When the men’s sons had multiplied, at that time beautiful and charming daughter were born. And the watchers, also known as the Heavenly sons, saw the girls and wanted them. They told one another “Come and let us select our wives from among the women of the world, and let us bear children for ourselves. .”

#5 It is believed it was the “Watchers” taught humankind writing weapons, reading as well as sorcery, cosmetics and meteorology. 15 This is one of the Facts About the Book of Enoch.This was not ideal as it took away having the opportunity to explore the arts on their own.

“Asael taught men to create swords out of iron, as well as shields, weapons, breastplates, as well as every other weapon of warfare. He taught them about the metals of the earth and taught them how they could work with gold to make it look good and, in the case of silver, how to make it into bracelets and other ornaments for women.

#6 Book of the Similitudes (37-71) – this section of the book is believed to be a reference to the Book of Watchers, however, it focuses on additional development of the concept of the final judgment and eschatology.

#7 The Book of Similitudes uses the expression “Son of Man” for the eschatological character that is also referred to as Chosen One or Righteous One and Messiah and is narrated as standing on the throne of glory during the final judgment.

#8 Book of the Astronomical Writings (72-82) – this section of the book provides details of the movements of the celestial bodies and the firmament, based on revelation to Enoch on his travels to Heaven with the help of Uriel.15 This is one of the Facts About the Book of Enoch.

#9 Book of the Dream Visions (83-90) – this section of the book offers an overview of the history of Israel from the beginning to what most believe to be”the Maccabean Revolt. Additionally, this part of the book, and later at the conclusion, discuss how God appointed God for the seven angels who were appointed to guard the Israelites from suffering too much damage from “beasts as well as birds.”

#10 According to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, the book was written prior the Flood.

#11 Book of the Epistle of Enoch (91-107) – this part of the book has an epitomized text referred to as”the “Apocalypse of the Weeks” which certain historians believe to have been written around 167 B.C.E.

#12 The 2nd Book of Enoch was previously included inside the Old Slavonic Bible.

#13 It’s basically a description of Enoch’s voyage through the 7 heavens. It contains revelations by Enoch and Enoch’s instructions to his children.15 This is one of the Facts About the Book of Enoch.

#14 The 3rd Book of Enoch is an Rabbinic text that was originally written in Hebrew and generally dates up to the 5th century CE.

#15 Some flat-earthers have referred at Enoch’s Book of Enoch to support their claim that the Bible affirms that the earth is flat.15 This is one of the Facts About the Book of Enoch.

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