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The 12 Furniture Interesting Facts That You Didn’t Know

12 Furniture Interesting Facts


Do you know the infamous Chesterfield sofa was designed so that gentlemen could lounge in clubs for hours without having their suits creased? The furniture interesting facts.

Perhaps the fabled Barcelona chairs were inspired by the desire to create a chair which is worthy of Spanish royals? Furniture facts such as this are irrelevant, but they tell a powerful story. The tale of evolution and how our homes have changed over time the same way as we do.

What types of furniture are available:




4.Tv Units






10.Living Area


#1: The beginning of the thrones

Do you know the reason why the kings would sit on the thrones? It is interesting to note that only those belonging to the nobility or royalty would sit on chairs in the medieval period. The people of less socially privileged classes usually were seated on stools, or, if they were in the presence of superiors, they simply stood.

The vast majority of people didn’t use chairs regularly until around the year 16thcentury. Prior to that, people were sitting on benches or rocks. The oldest chairs we have are Egyptian in their origins. These chairs were used in ceremonies and date back to 5 000 years back.

#2 The theory of Darwin’s office chair

From the royal thrones to the incredibly boring office chair. Have you ever wondered who came up with the chair? You’ll be amazed to learn that it was Darwin who said that we were just our DNA? Sure, Charles Darwin inspired the concept of chairs for office use in 1800, by including wheels on his desk in order to be able to move more easily around his study.

#3 The mid-century modern’s Indian connection

Do you realize that the visionary French architectural genius Le Corbusier and his cousin and colleague Pierre Jeanneret built the Chandigarh Capital City of Punjab? Being of the modern mid-century style of thinking, the two created some remarkable structures–the Capitol Complex was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site–and some iconic furniture , such as the chair dubbed ‘Chandigarh. The worldwide popularity of this basic teak and cane-covered wooden chair, which was designed for offices of the government in Chandigarh is unsurpassed even to this day.

#4: The story of a couch

It was decided after many hours of debate that the typical lifespan of sofas is 2,958 days. It’s about eight years. Furthermore, we utilize the average sofa to sit and eat at least 13 times per month. This would be equivalent to 1,261 meals during the lifetime of the sofa. furniture interesting facts.

#5 The amount we spend on our furniture more than we do on other things!

This will surely take people off guard! Have you ever heard that, following having a car and a house upholstery is often the third-highest priced thing a person buys throughout their life. Are you treating your leather chair with more respect today?

6. Couples be aware that the beds weren’t built to be a place for privacy.

In actual fact, it’s believed that the first model of the bed was able to accommodate up to 65 persons!

It was, however, still a bit of an indulgence. Additionally, we spend about three-quarters of our days in the bed. That’s an average, but imagine the rate is for people who are lazy!

#7 The old-fashioned bookshelf

One of the most ancient bookshelves in the world is located elegantly in the Bodleian Library located in Oxford, which is part of Oxford University. Within the grounds of the university there is also one of the most storied libraries in Europe.

#8: What is the reason that furniture with wings on the back has wings?

Simply put Winged-back furniture is designed with wings that keep your body warm. The curved back was a way to hold the body heat that was generated by sitting on the chair. There were headboards of the same style later.

#9:Beds were utilized in the past, before even 3600 B.C however at the time, it was made of palm leaves, straw or animal skin. This is one of furniture interesting facts.

#10: Did you have any idea?

The earliest chairs were ceremonial furniture that dates back to the time of Egypt five thousand years ago.

#11 The First Bed!

The beds that were first laid were made of stone.

#12: Did you not know?

Following home and automobile furniture is the 3rd most expensive item that a buyer can purchase in their life.

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