russia ukraine war russian facts

10 Russia Ukraine War Russian Facts You Need to Know

1. Best leader in the world

russia ukraine war russian facts

2. Escape from evil.

August 23, 1989 2 MILLION people from Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania formed a human chain linking these countries to show the world their desire to escape the Soviet Union. Their power was 600 km! The unity we have to show soon.This is one of the Russia Ukraine war Russian facts

russia ukraine war russian facts


3. Russian law enforcement attempts to stop protests against the war.

russia ukraine war russian facts

4.”Ghost of Kyiv” shot down 20 Russian fighter planes in total during the 122 hours of war. 

5.More than 150 former British paratroopers who served in Afghanistan are on their way to fight on the front line with Ukraine against Russia.

6. Pilot Oleksandr Oksanchenko killed in an air battle while distracting #Russia’s aviation. The pilot of Ukraine’s Air Force 831st tactical aviation brigade received the title of Hero of 🇺🇦 Order of Gold Star. Posthumously. RIP

7. Ukraine drones display the message, “Russian warship go fuck yourself” in Kyiv, Ukraine.

8. Hacking group ‘NB65’, affiliated with Anonymous has shut down the Control Center of the Russian Space Agency ‘Roscosmos’. #Russia has no more control over their own Spy-Satellites.

9.Ukrainian soldier who made TikTok’s to show his daughter that he was fine, disappeared for 2 days and speculated that he was dead, and for everyone’s happiness he posted again and is still fighting.

10. Putin wants to reinstate Yanukovych as president of Ukraine.

Viktor Yanukovych is allegedly in Minsk, and the Kremlin is preparing an operation to replace Zelensky with the ex-president ousted by the EuroMaidan Revolution in 2014, according to Ukrainska Pravda’s sources. This is one of the Russia Ukraine war Russian facts



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