The 10 Best Online Shopping Websites in USA

If you think of e-commerce across the United States, brands such like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay will likely pop into your the forefront. They are, naturally the top brands which have been successful in the home turf, but have also gone into international recognition and success, bringing fame to the public even in nations that aren’t (yet) easily accessible.

With the huge success of a variety of American online retailers It’s not surprising to find that the US is a prominent market leader in the world of e-commerce. This is in large part due to the early introduction of e-commerce as a way for merchants and brands to market their goods to the vast population of the geographically scattered US population.

This initial adoption allowed consumers to slowly warm up to the concept of shopping online gradually turning into advocates, and customers, even before other nations began to shift towards this trend.

If you consider this huge head start is no surprise that Amazon was founded with the help of Jeff Bezos in 1994, is the world’s leader, placing within the top three of the top online shopping websites. Amazon was the first to be established in the field, and was among the first online retailers and every other company has followed after their lead ever since.

USA eCommerce Statistics

The massive population previously mentioned is 327.9 million, with 312 million of them using the internet and 209.6 million who purchase online, according to the figures released by Statista in 2016..

The sales of e-commerce in 2018 exceeded $517.36 billion. Retail online alone is expected to exceed $740 billion in 2023.

As of the year 2018 the online retail market accounted for 14.3 percentage of all sale of retail in the US which was up by 11.6 percent in the year 2016. The result makes the US the third-highest developed online retail marketplace in the entire world. outshining the UK and Germany with each having a more of the overall retail sales.

Best 10 American E-Commerce Sites

Investigating the analytics online system, SimilarWeb, we’ve put together the top 10 most successful eCommerce websites across the United States, as of January, 2020.

The list includes obvious contenders like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart however it is also well-rounded with a variety of brands that span categories from handmade items, to electronics, apparel, garden and home.

1. Amazon

Estimated monthly users: 2.73 billion

Amazon isn’t just an American online retailer and is the most popular e-commerce site across the world. In 1994, it was launched as an e-commerce platform that sold ebooks, Amazon has gone on to achieve superstar status, ruling the majority of categories in e-commerce which include electronics and computers as well as literature and books as well as streaming movies and TV.

Amazon customers in the US can enjoy the entire range of Amazon items that comprise the world’s biggest online marketplace for electronic, music, books as well as accessories and apparel equipment and tools as well as sporting goods and just about everything else one could ever think of. Additionally, US shoppers can get these items with free two-day or one-day shipping with an Amazon Prime service.

2. eBay

Estimated monthly users: 855.82 million

Established in 1998, eBay is another pioneer of e-commerce which has a substantial advantage in the race to dominance in e-commerce. In keeping with its original mission, eBay has been the most popular online marketplace for over 20 years. It’s one of the very first, and the largest one in the world, providing consumers with an online marketplace for selling and buying everything they can imagine.

Today, eBay dominates the market, including cars, electronics, clothes as well as collectibles through auctions that are directly from manufacturers, or through authentic sellers, and offers free shipping on a lot of items.

3. Walmart

Estimated monthly users: 468.96 million

Walmart was a well-known brand throughout America since the US since the 60s. It was established as a mega-warehouse with a low-price that has since transformed into the world’s biggest retail company, with stores across 50 states, and an important presence on e-commerce across Mexico, Canada and the US, Canada, and Mexico.

The online shoppers at Walmart have access to a range of items in categories like electronics, baby items fashion, pharmacy, and auto-parts. This makes it an appealing option for customers from a range of categories. Walmart across the US also offers customers a Walmart credit card that is branded with the Walmart name to customers who want to save more money on purchases.

4. Craigslist

Estimated monthly users: 342.56 million

In 1995, the company was founded. Craigslist is the biggest classifieds site worldwide, despite it only serving the US. On Craigslist users can search through various sections, such as housing, jobs and sales of items or items to be purchased or for sale, gigs, services sought including resumes, discussions, and resumes which allow them to search for a buyer or seller.

With a broad selection of goods and services available, Craigslist holds an interesting assortment of popular categories that range from the usual with media and news technology and electronics, to the more controversial categories like adult services as well as credit-lending.

5. Target

Estimated monthly users: 258.34 million

Target is the second largest department retailer in the US in the United States, just behind Walmart. It has around 1800 retail stores across the US and offers an extensive online shopping platform that gives its customers the complete assortment of services and products on the internet and in stores.

Target is a popular consumer goods retailer that sells everything that range from clothing items to furniture, home decor electronics, groceries, hygiene products and more. They have a dominant position in the fashion , clothing, as well as gardening and home categories. With the introduction of the Target RedCard the company is becoming a significant participant in the banking and finance.

6. Etsy

Estimated monthly users: 266.31 million

Etsy is a marketplace based in the United States that focuses on the sale of handcrafted or vintage items and exclusive products that are manufactured in factories. Etsy’s online marketplace allows individuals and businesses to offer various goods including art, clothes along with food items, cosmetics and bathing items, toys, and many other items that are unique.

In 2006, the company was founded. Etsy has been ranked as the 19th biggest marketplace in the world, which is a remarkable feat given its niche. From the various categories that customers are looking for on the site fashion is the most popular.

7. Best Buy

Estimated monthly users:192.70 million

A different US company with a lengthy tradition that dates through the 60s can be found at Best Buy. It was founded as a consumer electronic company, Best Buy has grown into a leading brand, with brick and mortar locations throughout the nation and also within Canada in Canada and Mexico.

In the present, Best Buy offers customers an array of goods that include electronics, appliances furniture, fitness, baby and travel products and much more. Although they offer a wide range of products the company is best known as a manufacturer of consumer electronics which is ranked as third in the world in the technology and computer electronics e-commerce category.

8. Macy’s

Estimated monthly users: 165.29 million

The company was founded in the 90s. Macy’s is an US fashion brand that began as a brick-and-mortar retailer, but soon expanded into a worldwide company with locations across the world and an online site that ranks first in the world for fashion as well as clothing category.

Macy’s website for online shopping offers an extensive range of footwear, accessories cosmetics, beauty items, cosmetics womenswear, menswear clothing for children and decor and home items. They also have created their individual credit card which will see the retailer’s online presence enter the financial sector.

9. Home Depot

Estimated monthly users: 147.15 million

Home Depot is the largest retailer of home improvement products in the US with stores throughout the entire US and also abroad within Canada and Mexico and an online store that is available in all areas. It is the second largest website for gardening and home e-commerce around the globe.

Offering items from new appliances, kitchen and bathroom renovation items including garden furniture and power tools barbecue grills, carpeting lighting, concrete, lumber the ceiling fan, other construction materials and services. Home Depot is the go-to source for home improvement items across the US.

10. Wish

Estimated monthly users: 111.62 million

Wish is an interesting inclusion to the list because unlike other brands included it’s an online marketplace that allows manufacturers and small-scale businesses can directly sell their products to customers through their Wish platform. The Wish marketplace is comprised of four major categories that are family, electronics beauty, electronics and home décor.

Since its inception in 2010, Wish was founded in 2010, and has seen a rapid climb to the top of the market with its top-rated products in categories like computers, electronics and technology products for adults, video games, consoles and other accessories.