Top 10 Amazing Facts of the World 2022

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1.Do you know a liter of petrol is Rs.1?

"Petrol (World most amazing facts)

Definitely not in India. The price of petrol in India is Rs.100.00 . A liter of petrol in Venezuela can cost you only (Rs.1.48 )in India,(0.02 USD). If any country in the world sells petrol at the highest price, then a liter of petrol in Hong Kong sells for 2.50 USD (Rs.185.00) in Indian currency. Hong Kong became petrol. ranked 167th on the list. This shows that even though petrol prices are going up day by day, prices are still low in many places. If we do not put GST petrol in India, the price will go down.

2.What happened to the daily 2 dates eating together?


"DATES (World most amazing facts)

We know that peppers are high in nutrients. Do you know what happens to your daily diet? What are the benefits of eating pears? . It is enough to eat 2 dates daily. Eating 2 dates a day helps to improve your skin complexion, nourishes your hair, helps you lose weight, improves digestion, and acts as a brain booster.

3.Bus Tickets for Free.

Romania Free Bus Tickets (World most amazing facts)


Residents of the town of Cluj-Napoca in western Romania can get a free bus ticket through the machine there. The machine can do 20 squats before doing free squats. It aims to promote physical activity and a healthy lifestyle by doing 20 squats in two minutes to get a free bus ticket. The so-called “health ticket” is valid for city trips.

4.Solar panels are required on the roof of every French home.

France Home ( World most amazing facts)

The French government has announced that if you want to build a new house in France, you must install solar panels on the roof of the house; otherwise, the plants will grow.

5.The most expensive bicycle in the world?


Most Expensive Bicycle in world (World most amazing facts)


We will all ride a bicycle at least once in our lives. It can be up to a thousand rupees. At most, our bicycle can be up to 5,000 rupees, but it is the most expensive bicycle in the world. We are making this bicycle the most expensive in the world, which is why you might think this bicycle is expensive. All the equipment from it is made of gold, so only its price is high. This bicycle is designed to suit the users . All equipment is made of gold, so its price is high.

6.Luxembourg Free Public Transport.(Top 10 amazing facts of the world 2021)

Luxembourg (World most amazing facts)

With a population of 602,000, Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe .Luxembourg is the first country in the world to provide free public transport for all. In fact, it is the first country in the world to offer free transportation services to residents and visitors. The government has introduced a free public transport system to surprise everyone as a measure to reduce dense car traffic. Reports say the move will affect about 40 percent of households, and they could save about 100 euros a year. The move comes in the wake of a broader plan aimed at reducing congestion. As of March 1, 2020, all public transport in the country – trains, trams and buses – is now free.

7.The world’s first blue-colored volcanic eruption. (Top 10 amazing facts of the world 2021)

Credits :Twitter

The volcano in Indonesia is blue. But in the Kawa Igen, very large amounts of sulfur gases are emitted along with volcanoes at high pressures and temperatures (sometimes above 600 C). Exposing the oxygen in the air, induced by volcanoes, sulfur burns easily, and its flames are bright blue.

8.In 1968, Frist introduced the Boeing 747 Passenger flight. 


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The world’s first 747 passenger flight was introduced in America in 1968. In 1968, the program cost was US$1 billion (equivalent to $5.7 billion in 2019 dollars). On September 30, 1968, the first 747 was rolled out and shown to the public for the first time.

9.Rocks with the shape of sharks.(Top 10 amazing facts of the world 2021)

Hin Sam Wan, which means Three Whale Rock, is a 75 million-year-old rock formation jutting majestically out of the mountains. It earned its name because from the right perspective, it looks like a family of whales .At the summit of Sam Wan Mountain, Thailand, there are three rock masses evoking floating whales that formed about 75 million years ago.”

10.World Smallest Phone(Top 10 amazing facts of the world 2021)

World Smallest Phone

ZANCO Tiny t1 World’s Smallest Mini Phone Small Phone Bluetooth Phone GSM Mini Phone with Voice Changer (with Voice Changer (Limited Stock Available)

  • Zanco Tiny T1 is equipped with a 0.49 inch OLED screen, resolution 64×32, . Nano SIM card, uses Micro USB interface, built-in 200mAh capacity battery, maximum talk time 180 minutes, standby 3 day.
  • The world’s smallest mobile phone; measuring at a very tiny 46.7mmx 21mm (H x W). 
  • Other features include Bluetooth music connection so you can control a Bluetooth device; play music, pause, next and previous etc. You can also sync contacts, SMS and music with your smartphone through Bluetooth. Despite its size the phone is really easy to and will make the perfect novelty gift for family, friends or yourself.
  • Voices include: Woman, Man, Child, Old, Cartoon, Young, Optimus, Duck, Robot, WALL-E, EVA, Rap man and Rap women.
  • Available languages include: English (UK), English (US), French, Spanish and Russian and so on