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Top 10 Best University in China for International Students 2022-2023


China’s top ten universities2022 in China will be the best universities in the world overall. Ranked according to student scores. These are the best global universities in China. Universities are rated based on research and performance and ratings. top 10 best university in china 2022 .Join if you are interested. best university for computer science in china and Top universities in China 2021 .

What is the number 1 University in China?

Top universities in China 2021,Tsinghua University ranked among the top universities in China this year.

How much are Chinese universities?

The average tuition fee at Chinese public universities ranges from 2,500 to 10,000 USD/academic year. These are usually offered by universities in other countries (e.g. UK, Germany, Denmark) with campuses in China.

How many universities are there in China?

By 2021, the number of public colleges and universities in China was 4,688. These include 2,265 universities and 3,423 higher education film galleries. The total number of colleges and universities has increased significantly over the past decades.

What is the biggest university in China?

Zhengzhou University is the largest university in China, with a student population of about 73,000.

Best University in China

#1. Tsinghua University (78.5)

#2. Peking University (74.9)

#3. Shanghai Jiao Tong University (68.45)

#4. Fudan University (65.47)

#5. Zhejiang University (66.75)

#6. Nanjing University (66.89)

#7. University of Science and Technology of China (68.0)

#8. Wuhan University (60.00)

#9. Sun Yat-sen University (64.93)

#10. Harbin Institute of Technology (61.03)


1.Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University, located in northwest Beijing, China. The university tops China’s ranking list. Tsinghua university has about 37,484 students and 3,226 faculty members. The university has so far awarded about 3,583 UG degrees. The number of students newly enrolled in 3,742. The university collects 30,000 for a year of graduation. Although there are some graduate degrees in English, the primary language of instruction is Chinese. Mechanical engineering and global business journalism. Tuition costs vary based on the degree program and the language of instruction. The university’s international students come from more than 100 countries, most of them from Asia. In recent years, 41 percent of the university’s non-Chinese students are undergraduates, 29 percent are postgraduates, 9 percent are doctoral students, and the rest are participants in short-term programs. top 10 best university in china 2022. Tsinghua University housing is available for undergraduate and graduate students.Top universities in China 2021 .

2.Peking University

It is the second largest university in China. The University of Peking was founded in 1898. The university has 38,948 students. The main campus of the university, known as Yan Yuan, is located in the Haitian District in the western suburbs of Beijing, the capital of China. University housing is available for undergraduate and graduate students. Education costs are higher for non-Chinese and vary according to the subject, with higher costs for science subjects. The university’s academic calendar is semester-based, and students typically study four years for undergraduate programs, two to three years for postgraduate programs, and four years for doctoral degrees. top 10 best university in china 2022.

3.Shanghai Jiao Tong University

It ranks third among the best universities in China. Shanghai Jiao Dong University is a major research university in Shanghai. Nanyang Public School was established on April 8, 1896 by an imperial decree issued by the Guangzhou Emperor, and is one of the oldest universities in China.

 It is consistently ranked third among the top 100 universities in the world, ranked by the World. top 10 best university in china 2022.Universities Academic Rankings, the QS World University Rankings and the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

4.Fudan University

It is the fourth best university in China. Fudan University is a public university established in 1905. The university is located in Shanghai, China. Huntington, Jiangnan, Fenglin and Zhangjiang complexes. Futon University has more than 38,000 students enrolled. Undergraduate students stay on campus for their four-year courses at one of five residential colleges— Zhide, Tengfei, Keqing, Renzhong or Xide Each college is named after a former university president and has its own dean and student management board. There are also homes for graduate students. top 10 best university in china 2022 .Please join if you are interested.

5.Zhejiang University

It is the fifth largest university in the world. Zhejiang University is a university with 1897 roots. The university is located in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province, China, about 110 miles southwest of Shanghai. The number of students is 36,000. More than 37,000 students’ study at the university, half of whom are studying at the undergraduate level. Zhejiang University has seven campuses: the main campus, Jijingkong, and the Yuhuan, Siksi, Huajiachi, Jijiang, Joushan and Heining campuses. Tuition costs for international students are high and vary based on the subject and degree. top 10 best university in china 2022 .University housing is available for undergraduate and graduate students.

6.Nanjing University

Also known as Nanjing University or Nanda, It is the oldest university in China. Member of Nanjing’s Elite Institute of Higher Education and the Elite C9 League of Chinese Universities. The NJU has two main campuses: the Xianlin Campus in northeastern Nanjing and the Kula Campus in Nanjing’s city center. It merged with Nanking University in 1952. 37,000 students study in these universities.

 The university is one of the best research universities in China. It is one of the most selected universities in China. It continues to be among the top 150 international universities ranked by the World Report. 2021 ranks 6th in China, 3rd in Asia-Pacific and 12th in the world. top 10 best university in china 2022.

7.University of Science and Technology of China

It is the seventh best university in China. The University of Science and Technology of China is a public university founded in 1958 by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. USDC, as the university is sometimes called, is located in Hefei, the capital of Anhui Province, China, and has five campuses within the city that are relatively close to each other.37,000 students study. About 1.5 percent of the student body is from abroad. Many international students at the university receive financial aid from one of three sources: USDC Scholarship, Chinese Government Scholarship or Fellowship offered by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the World Academy of Sciences. top 10 best university in china 2022 . All three types of grants include tuition and provide scholarships for other education-related expenses. University housing is available for undergraduate and graduate students.

8.Wuhan University

Wuhan University is a national research university located in Hubei. The university has 53,595 students. It is one of the most prestigious and selected universities in China and is recognized as a Class A Dual First-Class University by the Ministry of Education of China. It was one of the four elite universities of the early Republican period. oldest universities in China. top 10 best university in china 2022 ..Wuhan University is located on Logia Hill, a palace building that mixes Chinese and Western styles. It is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful complexes in China.

9.Sun Yat-sen University

Sun Yat-sen University (abbreviated SYSU and Zhngdà), also known as Zhongshan University, is a major Chinese public research university located in Guangzhou, China. It was founded in 1924 and is named after Sun Yat-sen, a revolutionary and founding father of the People’s Republic of China. The university has a student body of 53,595. The university has five campuses and ten affiliated hospitals in three cities, Guangzhou, Zhuhai and Shenzhen. It is a member of Plan 985 and Plan 211. Top universities in China 2021 .

10.Harbin Institute of Technology

It is one of the top 10 universities in China. It is called Harbin Institute of Technology. A public research university and a member of China’s elite C9 League. HIT is a Chinese Ministry of Education Class A dual first class university. These universities have 31,949 students. It has three campuses, spread across the country from north to south: the Harbin campus in Heilongjiang province, the Weihai campus in Shandong province and the Shenzhen campus in Guangdong province. top 10 best university in china 2022 .