unbelievable facts (Genghis Khan)

Top 10 Unbelievable Facts in The World

These are 10 facts that most people in this world do not know. There are 10 facts that are unknown to most people, like how dinosaurs once roamed the earth, but there are 10 facts that most people do not know. Here are all the facts that everyone needs to know. These 10 facts will help you learn. All these 10 unbelievable facts are new and unbelievable, but true facts about Genghis Khan can be found here. So, everyone should know these 10 facts!

1.Genghis Khan married his daughter.

Genghis Khan married his daughters to expand his empire. Genghis Khan received his title when he was forty. At that time, he had more than ten children. Khan married his daughters to the Allied kings, and they sent them to war. It was not possible for his new nephews to come alive, and his daughters brought the new kingdoms of Khan under their control. unbelievable facts .

2.Costco’s hot dog and soda combo has been at the same price since 1985.

If you go to a Costco meal, you can buy this for $1.50! The price of the contract increased over time, but Costco did this by opening a factory to make their own . Faced with With 151 million hot dog combos sold in 2020, it has never affected its reputation. It has not changed its price since 1985.

3.96 bags on the moon left feces, urine and vomit.

In 1969, mankind first went to the moon and made history .Not only that, garbage was dumped on the moon for the first time. and all the faeces were left there. Subsequent moon missions left behind their unwanted debris, but not enough fuel to transport those bags back to the spacecraft! So they shut up and left the bags there. He said they were all still there.

4.It cost $265 million to make Grand Theft Auto V. (unbelievable facts)

Everyone knows this game. When this game was released in 2013, it was the most expensive video game ever made. Its value soared after earning a staggering $1 million within the first seventy-two hours of the sale. This is no concern. It took five years to create the game, with Rockstar’s studios around the world working together, valued at 265 million.

5.More than $700 million worth of aluminum cans are thrown out by Americans every year.

Aluminum is one of the most recyclable materials on the market, we know. It is also very valuable. Although aluminum is rare, it is used in a variety of areas, from soda cans to airplanes. Despite the amount of aluminum lost from aluminum cans, more than 75% of all aluminum produced on American soil is recycled and 700 million cans are shipped annually from the United States. unbelievable facts .

6.Elephants can swim up to six hours at a time. (unbelievable facts)

When you see an elephant, the last thing you think of is that it is great for swimming, but you know they are incredibly capable! One of their biggest advantages is their ivory, which they use as a snorkel to stay underwater for long periods of time. Elephants are more tolerant, which makes them swim longer. When they are tired, they float more. This makes the elephants swim for 6 hours. unbelievable facts .

7.Only one married couple has ever gone into space. (unbelievable facts)

Mark Lee and John Davis met during their space training program but decided to keep their relationship a secret. NASA opposes sending married couples to work. Thus, married couples are not allowed. NASA is unaware. They got married. Then everyone got married. In the meantime, the rocket sent by NASA went to the couple. It was revealed after visiting NASA. Thus, they became the first married couple to go into space. unbelievable but true facts.

8.There’s a mountain in Greece that women are prohibited from visiting.

Not only the mountain, but the entire peninsula is called Mount Athos. Mount Athos dates from the 4th century AD. For over a thousand years, the visit of women was banned, not only from monasteries but throughout the peninsula. Regulated by the Greek Orthodox Church. Mount Athos is an autonomous region of Greece. According to the church, the Virgin Mary blessed the peninsula and turned it into her own sacred garden, so no other women were allowed to go there. Except for the wild animals and a few cats, all the animals there are male.

9.Koalas may be cute, but they’re incredibly dumb.

In fact, they have one of the smallest brains of all mammals, which is about 0% of their body weight! Lack of nutrients may be due to the controlled diet of eucalyptus leaves because this food cannot sustain a large brain. When a cola is given a branch with leaves and a plate of leaves, they will eat the leaves of the branch because the contents of the plate cannot be identified as food. unbelievable but true facts .

10.Arizona fines drivers under their unique “Stupid Motorist Law.”

I hope this law is open to you. Stupid drivers .When a section of an Arizona road is flooded, barriers are put in place to prevent drivers from trying to go further. This may sound strange to you. If you have to recover from these restrictions, you will be fined under the Stupid Motor Act for reimbursing the cost of your recovery .This law will be interesting to you. unbelievable but true facts .


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