10 Actions to Avoid in the United States

1.Drink and Drive

DUI is illegal in the US. Don't drink and drive. Use a designated driver or Uber

2.Drive Without a Valid License

Driving without a valid US license is illegal. Use a US license or face fines, jail, and license suspension

3.Carry Firearms Without a Permit

US gun laws vary by state. Carry a firearm legally with a permit to avoid trouble

4.Joke About Security at Airport

Don't joke about airport security in the US. Follow rules and respect security personnel

5.Refuse to Tip

Tip service workers in the US (15-20%). Talk to the manager for poor service instead of not tipping.


Jaywalking is illegal in most US cities. Use designated crosswalks and obey traffic signals for safety

7.Be Disrespectful to Law Enforcement Officer

Respect US law enforcement. Disrespect can lead to charges. Report violations through proper channels.

8.Break Copyright Law

Respect online copyright. Don't illegally download copyrighted materials or face legal consequences.

9.Use Offensive Language

Avoid offensive language and slurs in the US. Treat everyone respectfully or face hate crime charges

10.Enter Private Property Without Permission

Trespassing on private property is illegal. Face prosecution and criminal charges for unauthorized entry.

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