Actress Alessandra Negrini gets rid of the villains and celebrates 

Actress Alessandra Negrini , 52, is smiling for nothing with her new character in the prime time of TV Globo

With a prominent role in Travessia , a new serial by Glória Perez that will replace Pantanal from October 10th,

experienced actress says that she accepted the novelist's invitation because the role was different from all her previous ones

“I found Guida a lot of fun. She escapes a little from the characters that Globo was used to giving me.

I was tired of being a villain, it's no secret to anyone

She is a real life character. She is neither good nor bad. She is a normal person” , celebrated Alessandra.

In the plot, Guida will marry Raul Moretti (Rodrigo Lombardi), ex-boyfriend of her sister, Leonor (Vanessa Giácomo).