Ana de Armas Says Something 

Ana de Armas is getting some of the highest critiques of her professional career because of her role on screen as Marilyn Monroe in Andrew Dominik's " Blonde," but she's also aware that it's her scenes in which she is naked that get the most attention on the internet. 

The actress said in the Variety feature story, "I know what's going to be viral and it's disgusting."

"Blonde" will be available worldwide"Blonde" will be available worldwide on Netflix beginning on September.

This means that viewers can take clips of sequences from the film, or create screenshots to share on the internet.

 De Armas expects her nude scenes to be viewed by a large number of people online, but the reception to the film has not scared her away from playing the part as Monroe.

"It's difficult contemplating it. I'm not able to control it and you're not able to be in control of what they do or the way they interpret the things they want out of context" de Armas said about the scenes she was nude in being removed from the film. 

"I believe it didn't give me any second thoughts. It was just an unpleasant taste when I consider the future of these clips."