10 Fun Facts of the Day To Help You Feel A Little Better About Life

1.A women will spend almost 3500 days of her life menstruating. That's equal to approximately 9.8 years.

2.Vegetarians fart more than non-vegetarians.

3.Humans didn't start recording history until 6,000 years ago. This means around 97% of human history is forgotten.

4. A Textovert is someone who is expressive and funny in texts but Shy in person.

5.One minute of anger can weaken the immune system for 4-5 hours.

6.Light exercise before sleep can help you get a better night rest.

7.According to psychology, people who love the color black have the most colorful minds.

8.Coconut is great for both skin and hair. Drink coconut water daily to prevent hair loss and to gain healthy clear skin.

9.Men who experience morning wood are less likely to die from heart disease or stroke.

10.If you sleep today and wake up in 2050. What will be the first thing you will Google?