World's first Artificial Womb Facility

Ectolife is the world's first artificial womb facility which will run entirely on renewable energy.

Infertile couples who can't have a baby naturally can become true biological parents to the babies born through Ectolife.

It can help women whose uterus were removed due to disease like cancer, it gives them a chance to become a mother.

It will also help countries like Japan, Bulgaria, South Korea and many others to fight against declining population rates.

It also has features of playing music, singing and talking to babies while they are inside the pod.

In a single building 30,000 lab babies can be grown within a year.

With EctoLife, premature births and c-sections will become a past.

Each pad is developed to act similar to wombs and can also read babies heart rates and breathing rates.

The facility has 75 artificial labs, each of which has at least 400 artificial wombs or pods.