Top 10 Worst Online Colleges and Universities

Worst Online Colleges


We are going to look below ten Worst Online Colleges in this world I will never say we should not join these non-standard colleges. I will not say do not enroll your children in these colleges you can join if you wish but I say these 10 colleges quality will always be below. You can join these colleges if you wish. I would say that these colleges do not have enough facilities as you would expect. These 10 Worst Online Colleges are ranked low in more than 10 countries.   

How To Choose an Online College

How we choose the best online college may be on the college website where we are going to study We should look at the popular US News report website on how we choose that online college. Us news reports Once a year the best colleges and internet colleges publish a ranking on the web. Worst Online Colleges and universities.

The Worst Online Colleges Ranked


Great Basin College is a small community college located in Elco, Nevada. Great Basin College has a long history of serving the needs of the community and its economy. The school offers associate and bachelor’s degrees. The reason I say these are the ten worst colleges is that I can say that we can not expect enough facilities when studying on our website of these colleges. Find out here if you want to join this college but there will not be many facilities as low income is being bought in this college just make a little word so I have added a place to this college in the bad ranking list.

GBC currently has about 4,000 students enrolling online each year. Popular majors include Liberal Arts, Nursing, Science Technologies, Teacher Education, and Electronics Engineering.

Fully online programs include Arts, Business, English, Social Sciences, Graphic Communications, and Early Childhood Education, Associate of Applied Science Degrees and Bachelors, BA in English, BA in Social Sciences, and BSN (RNN) in Nursing. BSN), and BAS degrees in Digital Information Technology, Human Services, Survey / Geographical Significance and Management, and Supervision. The school offers 19 certification programs and a full online continuing education program in healthcare training and computing technology. Popular majors include business, early childhood education, elementary education, nursing, and the liberal arts, and the humanities. With the lowest education on our list, Great Basin College is the cheapest online college of 2021.

TUITION: $3,248


10 Worst Online Colleges The reason for the second place is low quality. Brigham Young University-Idaho Rexburg is located in Idaho. The latter is owned and operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a non-profit college that educates 49,000 students around the world. 15,000+ of those students have joined online classes via BYU – Pathway Worldwide. Online degrees are offered at BYU-Idaho and Ensign College. BYU-Idaho was recently named the 16th Best University in Western Regional Colleges, # 23 in Outstanding Performance in the Community Movement and # 75 in Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs by the US News & World Report, and # 3 in most Conservative Colleges in the United States. com.

BYU-Idaho’s Pathway WorldWide offers approximately 52 online certificates and titles; 7 Associate Degrees, 6 Bachelor’s Degrees, and 39 Certificate Programs at very affordable prices. Some popular online programs include a bachelor’s degree in business management (entrepreneurship, marketing, supply chain, and operations management, etc.), public health and marriage and family studies, family history research, web design and development, and associates. Various online class offers. Popular majors include the liberal arts and the humanities, nursing, information science, business, and public health education.

PathwayConnect students can successfully qualify for admission to BYU-Idaho’s online degree programs by successfully completing the “B” average at PathwayConnect and completing the first course of their chosen BYU-Idaho certification.

TUITION: $4,300

This is one of the Worst Online Colleges and Universities series. UT Permian Basin is a fast-growing public research organization founded in 1973 by oil activist Bill Noel. The school has 5,000 students at the Odessa campus and online school. The University of Texas Permian Basin was recently ranked 64th best college in the West by American News and World Report, 30th best public school, and 55th best performing community movement in the country by 2022. The University of Texas Online Federation (UTOC), of which UTPB is a part, offers some inexpensive online degrees and certification programs (6 undergraduates, 5 masters, and 3 certification and accreditation programs), some of which last only 8 weeks. Students can obtain an online master’s degree, online bachelor’s program, and/or online certification in psychology, business administration, communication, sociology, criminal justice, mechanics, special education, and many more.

TUITION: $4,837


WGU is a private, non-profit NWCCU-Worst Online Colleges that offer online degrees to over 72,000 students. The company is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, and offers 60-degree programs with six affiliated schools. By 2022, WGU will offer six undergraduate and five postgraduate programs in business, four undergraduate and eight postgraduate health care programs, seven undergraduate and three postgraduate IT programs, and 10 undergraduate and 19 postgraduate programs.

For many of WGU’s cheap online plans, many companies’ tuition refunds cover most or all of the student’s tuition costs. WGU offers a 100 percent enrollment rate and a very low level of education. This is one of the worst colleges in the world.

Ralph E. for Western Governors recently through the Sloan Consortium for Quality Online Education. Awarded the Comori Award, and named the # 5 Best Value College in Utah in 2022, # 812 out of 1,572 Best Valued Colleges in the United States, # 57 Best College for Nursing in the United States, and # 3 the Best College for Nursing in Utah by According to, 78 percent of students say they have improved career opportunities after graduating online from Western governors, and 73 percent recommend the school to others. Nursing, business administration and management, elementary education, information technology and computer information systems are some of the most popular majors among Western governors.

TUITION: $6,670


AMRIDGE University, located in Montgomery, Alabama, is a “place for connecting traditional and online education”. This co-educational, private liberal arts college is affiliated with the Church of Christ and enrolls approximately 800 students in traditional and online degree programs. AU is an Amritz University accredited by the Schools for Southern Colleges and Colleges Commission (SACSCOC) to award associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. According to StartClass, the most popular majors at Amridge are biblical studies, human development and family studies, business administration & management, criminal justice and correction, and human resource management. This school offers both very affordable education and excellent net price with a 100% enrollment acceptance rate. The reason for Worst Online Colleges is quality.

TUITION: $6,950


TESU is a public, government-funded higher education institution that educates more than 17,200 students online and on campus. In 2011, he received the Thomas Edison National University Technical Distance Education Innovation Award. The school offers a 100% admission rate and 64 undergraduate and graduate online degrees, including in the liberal arts and humanities, accounting, medical care, nursing, and business administration and management. Some popular programs at Thomas Edison State University include an Associate in Nuclear Engineering Technology, a Bachelor of Arts in Homeland Security, a Doctor of Hospitality Management, and a Doctor of Nursing (DNP) training.

TESU offers 13 online associate degrees, 34 bachelor’s degrees online, 17 online graduate degree programs and several undergraduate and graduate certification programs online. This cheap online college is accredited by MSCHE. TESU has an open admission policy. TESU is regionally accredited by the Federal State Commission for Higher Education

TUITION: $7,182


The reason for being ranked in the list of Worst Online Colleges is quality. APU is a private, non-profit online college located in Charles Town, West Virginia with six schools. The American Public University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and has received the Sloan Consortium Effective Practice Award. With more than 98,400 students, the college ranks APU as the # 1 best college in West Virginia and the # 227 best college in the country. According to, 76 percent of graduates report improved lives after graduating from APU, while 69 percent of students say they recommend the school to others. is ranked # 29 in the Top Colleges for Information Technology in the United States, # 203 in the Top Colleges for Business in the United States, and # 263 in the Top Colleges for Criminal Justice in the United States.

TUITION: $7,360


Chadron State educates 2,500 students on campus and online. This public, co-educational college was established in 1911 and some of its programs are accredited by the North Central Colleges and Schools Higher Learning Authority (HLC) with special recognition. The college is ranked # 10 best value college in Nebraska, # 183 among most conservative colleges in the United States, and # 458 among the best colleges for education in the United States according to Along with the rankings, gave Chadron State College an overall rating of B-.

U.S. News Chadron ranks the state # 75 in the best performers in the community movement and # 40-52 in the best public schools. This affordable online school offers 8 online degrees without education or affiliation outside the state. Popular degrees in the state of Saturn include bachelor’s degrees in business administration, family and consumer science, and a master’s degree in corporate management. These include business, elementary education, the liberal arts, and the humanities, criminal justice reform, and crop and soil science. Saturn State offers flat-rate education, so state and out-of-state students pay for the same education.

TUITION: $7,634


This is one of the worst colleges in the world. MSU is the 3rd largest public, co-educational Masters I institution in North Dakota. The school offers a 12: 1 student-teacher ratio online and on-campus with 2,832 undergraduate program students. The US News and World Report ranked Minot State # 33 in the best public schools, # 104 in the Western Regional Universities, and # 155 in the 2022 best performers in the social movement. ranks MSU as # 182 among the best public universities in the United States. , # 211 Best Small College in the United States, # 3 Top Public Universities in North Dakota, and # 8 Top Worth Colleges in North Dakota.

The school was ranked 1321st state and 1322nd state with an investment of $ 139,000 in the 2020-2021 PayScale College ROI Report. MSU is fully accredited by HLC-NCA. MSU Online offers 20 cheap online degrees with popular programs in business administration and management, social work, special education, nursing and teacher education.

TUITION: $7,896


TUITION: $8,456

One of the reasons for this in the list of Worst Online Colleges is low quality. West Texas A&M University is a public, affiliated educational research organization with more than 9,400 students in Amarillo, the Texas metro area, satellite campuses, and online. WTAMU holds a number of valuable ratings, including # 21 Best Online Undergraduate Programs, # 67 Best Online MBA Programs, # 13 Best Online Undergraduate Programs for Veterans, and # 17 Top Online Postgraduate Programs in Military Education Programs, including US News and World Report Top Online Programs. , # 15 The Best Online Masters in Computer Information Technology Programs, to name a few. ranks the school as the # 38 best Hispanic service company in the United States, # 20 as the best college in Texas, and # 7 as the best public university in Texas.

The distance education division of WTAMU offers 14 undergraduate, 19 graduate, and 1 doctoral degree and hybrid program through SREB Electronic Campus. Economics, criminal justice, a healthcare MBA, and funding from associate to undergraduate degrees are some of the most affordable online degree programs. WTAMU is part of the Texas A&M University System.


The reason why all these 10 colleges and universities mentioned above are on the bad ranking list is that I did not mention anything other than mentioning other sites in the colleges only. You can check the rankings of the colleges and join if you wish.