yellow cap coke 2022

If You’ve Seen the Yellow Cap on Coca Cola 2022, This is the Truth

The lids of the Coca-Cola company that we all drink are red. We noticed this. Did we notice that it was dark yellow? If you ask everyone today, they will say no. This type of Coca-Cola is loved by the Jews because it is fried and eaten, and thus it is prepared with the instructions in mind. They get this similarly because the company has made a hook specifically for them. Because of this, Coke temporarily replaces the corn syrup in its recipe with sugar. This kosher Coke is referred to as the “Coke Sunny Yellow Hat.” Its taste is unique, and its price is the same.yellow cap coke 2022

  • On Passover, observant Jews refrain from eating leavened foods or foods with leavening ingredients.
  • The yellow caps indicate that the soda is kosher, or fit, for drinking on Passover.

The yellow caps only appear on bottles of Coke once a year.

Coca-Cola has been around for what seems like forever. The famous soda pop brand was first introduced in the late 1800s and is still going strong today. No matter how old you are, Coke has no doubt been a part of your childhood. It’s synonymous with crisp and refreshing, and the bright red logo is easily recognized the whole world over. It’s an absolute classic!

But have you ever noticed that sometimes, the bright red bottle cap is replaced with a yellow cap? There’s actually a very special reason for it—to signify the recipe is kosher for Passover.

The Yellow Cap Coke Is Kosher for Passover

If you’re unfamiliar with Passover, it’s a Jewish religious holiday that occurs during spring and lasts for seven days in total. During the holiday, Jewish people are prohibited from owning or consuming leavened foods (known as chametz), which include five main grains: wheat, spelt, oats, rye and barley.

However, it’s common for some Jewish people to recognize another category of forbidden foods (known as kitniyot) that includes corn, rice and beans.

How does all of this affect Coke? While the regular Coke formula is kosher year-round, it contains corn syrup, so it isn’t considered kosher for Passover by Jews of Eastern European descent. Because of this, Coke temporarily replaces the corn syrup in its recipe with sugar. This kosher Coke is marked with a sunny yellow cap!

Why Do People Love Kosher Coke?

While intended for Jewish people who celebrate Passover, these “Original Taste” Cokes are a favorite for many Coca-Cola fans. Plenty of people buys the yellow-capped Coke because they love the flavor or want to avoid high fructose corn syrup. The best part? These Cokes are no different in price than their regular recipe!


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