ZEVA Successfully Completes First Test Flight

Zero Emission Electric Fight

TACOMA, Washington, January 13, 2022 – ZEVA, a pioneer in zero-emission electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aviation, successfully tests its first unattached, operated, controlled aircraft using its full-size ZEVA ZERO flying wing airframe. Its 80 emissions electric motor drives the impulses. The key milestone for the Tacoma-based startup was filmed in this new video on Sunday, January 9, 2022, in rural Pierce County, Washington, as part of its rigorous testing program to achieve FAA air certification.

The unmanned ZEVA demonstration aircraft completed four flights, with a controlled hover of more than four minutes in total, simulated taxi maneuvers at slow speeds, and limited vertical climbing maneuvers. Its compact airframe is designed for a single pilot and is small enough to fit in a standard automobile parking space. This vehicle can go up to 50 miles at 160 mph, improving point-to-point travel.

“This is a huge penetration point for ZEVA as we join the exclusive package of proven flying eVTOL platforms, and a testament to the relentless hard work and ingenuity of our entire team over the past two and a half years,” said Stephen Debitz. Chairman of ZEVA. “We are extracting our learning from our important first taxi flight, which is a direct result of the support we have received from our investors and the community, leading us to bring additional skills to advance this historic moment. Not only that, it allows access to zero-emission point-to-point travel.

This year ZEVA has achieved tremendous growth, with Gus Meyer and many other key employees being added as flight control engineers. The team successfully completed more than 50 connected aircraft, showcased the ZEVA ZERO aircraft at the Dubai Air Show in November, and was granted a grant by the Washington State Joint Technological Innovation Center (JCATI) to work with the Washington State University on the aerodynamic configuration of ZEVA Aero. Improve vehicle propulsion and controls. ZEVA has partnered with NASA on its Urban Air Mobility Grand Challenge.

“The ZEVA team has done an incredible job of designing and manufacturing this aircraft, which has proven to be the exceptionally smooth and successful first aircraft,” said Gus Meyer, pilot controlling ZERO via remote radio connection. “This achievement is a testament to the team’s extraordinary talent and experience and the supportive partnerships that have helped make this a reality.”

ZEVA will continue aeronautical testing and advance to transition flight testing this spring to fine-tune the unique Superman-like trajectory of aircraft design. The patent-pending design is expected to be available for pre-order for a $ 5,000 deposit this spring, with the final price for the first production units estimated at less than $ 250,000.

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