Pokémon shown in the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet trailer Facts

Today Pokemon Company announced the release date for their game. Pokemon Company announced the release date for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet . The games will be released for the month of November on Switch the 18th of November. This is a brand new trailer with something completely unique to the series: not just one but Two professors.

In February, the first official announcements were made. Scarlet and Violet are the upcoming mainline installments in Game Freak’s wildly well-loved Pokemon series, the first after the release of Sword and Shield. Although Pokemon was able to take some kind of a detour this year, when it launched Pokemon Legends: Arceus–a prequel that has an action-adventure style gameplay similar that of Monster Hunter–these latest versions, as of now appear to be an attempt to return to the old-fashioned Pokemon-training model.

In other words, you are in a small town that has, say five buildings. You struggle to choose a best friend from three eye-wateringly adorable baby animals (in this case: Sprigatito, a grass-type kitten; Fuecoco, a fire-type sort of crocodile…dinosaur…thing; and Quaxly, a water-type duck with an extremely silly-looking hat). You can then look on as your new best friend gradually transforms into a powerful monster capable of destroying towns. You then instruct them to fight your best friends from others. Through your adventure, you put together a squad of scary creatures, and you travel in the country with 6 with you.

However, the two versions introduce new elements. In particular that there are two of the aforementioned (oddly mature-looking) professors Professor Sada and Professor Turo. Since the time of the game of Oak from the very beginning of games, the professors on Pokemon game function as mentors and guides to players.

In addition, they will be the first world-wide Pokémon games within the series, with confirmation that we are now aware that players can take on the game in their own way. It is said that “you’ll be able to explore a world you’re free to explore on your own time, not according to the order set by the narrative.

The most recent primaryline Pokemon series are set in fictional worlds inspired by regions such as France or in the United Kingdom, moving somewhat away from the Japanese-inspired worlds of earlier games. A few fans believe that that Scarlet or Violet are influenced from Spain or Portugal. (Footage available so far has a strong architectural and geographical similarity in that of the Iberian Peninsula.) scarlet as well as Violet are also said to have four-player cooperative. On the video, an NPC declares, “If you connect with friends, you can head out on adventures together–up to four of you at a time!”

The trailer concluded with a pre-rendered movie panning over two versions of legendary Pokemon. I’m not saying they’re sloppy until I’ve seen their moves however, they do look to be like the kind of Pokemon that I could take in, say, Route 106. (Legendaries aren’t worth the hype anyway.)

The two new Pokemonentries can be considered keystones in the Switch’s dazzling 2022 line-up. The week following will bring the release of a brand new game in Nintendo’s long-running soccer series, Mario Strikers. The game will be followed two weeks later with Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, a Musou-based spin-off of Fire Emblem. The month will also feature Xenoblade Chronicles 3 an RPG that’s set to consume at around 400 billion hours of your list of games. And , in the month of September Nintendo is set to release Splatoon 3.0, the most recent installment to the most PG-rated of the multiplayer shooters. That’s not even mentioning any of the games that have been announced , but do not have release dates yet such as Bayonetta 3..

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